Our Wines

The vocation de "the Cartino" for the hospitality has ancient roots. This old dwelling, before being Bed & Breakfast was, and is, above all, place of excellen wine production.

Our grapes, cultivated without the use of pest or chemical addictions, mature by the sun.

Between the yards, the grass grows. In autumn, the season of the grape harvest, we detach clusters of dolcetto, chardonnay, moscato and pinot.

The wines produced from our activity can directly be demands during the stay. They are:

The Chardonnay D.O.C. "Arianna Rovere"

The Dolcetto D.O.C. "Beatrice Rovere"

The Pinot Nero "Guido Ricci Baccalario"

The Brachetto D.O.C.G. "Carlo Fulgenzio Baccalario"

The wines of "Il Cartino" have a name and a surname. A refined and candy face for your table.